I am an Hardcore Gamer !

A nice title screen !

I hope this game will not make you feel asleep

Os is a very particular game. this is not a real game, but a story with some arcade-games sequences, with a variety of gameplay. About the story, you are a develloper that is making an O.S. (Operating System) and that will make you have some adventures. The global tone of the game is quite fun.

This is the third (and last) game made with Klik n'Play. For you that don't understand french (if you understand it, you should go in the french version of the site) this game is not very interressing, so i doubt you'll want to dl 28 mo for a game that you won't understand, because it is spoken french, and most of the fun is in the story.

This game requires Windows (3.1 and more) and only need a small computer to work. Unzip the archive and launch "Os.exe" or "Os" then launch "Setup.exe" or "Setup" to install the game.

Download - Fichier 1 - 10 mo
Download - Fichier 2 - 10 mo
Download - Fichier 3 - 7 mo
Download - Fichier 4 - 1 mo