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Super Cassbrik

Quite flashy isn't it ?

A breakout during a soccer play ?

Super Cassbrik is a breakout-type game (like the famous Arkanoid and Pop-corn), but the graphisms changes in each level. The aim is to find the "Coeur de la Puissance" stolen by "Malor" who is the final boss that you will chase trough the differents levels.

This is my very first game, which i made at the age of 11 and a half , with the help of Klik n' Play. Please be indulgent this is not a work of art, but it can bring you one hour or two of fun.

This game requires Windows (3.1 and more) and only need a small computer to work. Unzip the archive and launch "Setup.exe" or "Setup" to install the game.

This game was published in PC Collector N°13 ;).

Download - 800 ko