Cowabunga !
TMHT : Tournament Fighters - Remix (Genesis Version)

The title screen : Cowabunga !

Hyper Tornado !

Throw Fury !

TMHT Tournament Fighters is the "Remix" (or remake) of an old Genesis game (called Megadrive in Europa). This is a fighting game starring the "Ninja Tutrles " And some of their friends or ennemies from the American "Comic". About the story, Karai has kidnapped Splinter with the help of some bad turtles clones and their friends, and you'll have to fight to get Splinter back.

This game was made with M.U.G.E.N, which show one more time that it is THE fighting engine (but it can do more, you'll see;)). In my humble opinion it is a good fighting game (and this is quite rare on PC) that the Ninja Turtles fans will like a lot (so will the fighting games fan) and so will other people, i hope. I made my best to keep the spirit of the Original Game (especially in the menu) but with adding the stuff you'll find in the lastest fighting games, and i tried to change what i didn't liked in the original game ;). it is a fast game, that you will enjoy if you want to play only one minut or several hours ! Thanks to MUGEN the fights can have up to 4 players, with two Humans players, that will let you have fun with a friend (really rare, even in the best arcade fighting games). For those who knows the Snes version of the game, please notice that this version is really better (even if Shredderis not here). The best i can do now is to wish you a lot of fun with this game !!

This game is running under DOS, but works well under Windows 9X and only need a smal comp to work (to fully enjoy this game, you should have a pentium 133 at least, if no disable the music to avoid the game to be too slow). Unzip the archive and launch "Tmnt.exe" or "Tmnt" to play the game. Please read the "Readme.txt" file carefully (Moreover all moves are listed in).

Download - V 0.9 - 6.7 mo