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Welcome to "Xoubigli Planet" !
On this site you will find all my creations and you will be helped in your trip by the Xoubiglians, the nice extra-terrest who lives on the Xoubigli Planet..

In the section Creations you'll find all my "stand-alone" creations, that doesn't need any programm to run (By example full games), on the other side, the Addons section gather all my creations made for a particular engine (By example characters for Mugen, or Duke Nukem 3D Maps). The section Links gather, what a surprise, some links to some others good sites (IMHO). And, last but not least, the Contact section will be really useful if you want to contact me !

In case you have problems using the menu on your left, click here to have acces to another menu (that will replace the actual menu) that will let you fully enjoy this site.

Please note that the first page of each section is a brief summary of what this section gather, with a link to a page dedicated to each creation, and a link to download this creation. In case of several version of this creations were released, you will have the quick access to the last one. To see all released version of this creation, and maybe addons or fix for this creation, you'll have to go on the dedicated page of the creation.

I whish you a nice trip to Xoubigli Planet !



Sorry for being "dead" the last three months, but I have been really busy with school, so I wasn't able to do anything else. But summer vacations are close, which means that I should have enough time to release new cool stuffs for you to download here !

Nevertheless, I updated the CarBonus page with 10 new cool records :
Congratulations to our new champion, Mark Master, with 37 seconds.
Congratulations too to Sim Ooh, which made 39 seconds with the overpowered char Chipp (overpowered can't be great champions, sorry, but well done anyway !).



I decided (at least) to look after this site a little :

I fixed the worng links in the Music section.
I at least updated the Projects
I also uploaded Kids At Football and a Tutorial on how to make blood effects in a Topview game, which both goes in the TGF section.



Another quick update :

I mispelled the name of one Brainless's awesone beta tester : Willem Dörner.
I wrote his name Willem Drömer instead of Willem Dörner.
His name was both mispelled in the readme and game credits.

I am very sorry Willem. And thanks again for the work you made.



Just a mini update :

I just made a small patch for Brainless. Download it here. It corect two bugs :
-The one making that you sometimes were unable to complete the first level.
-And the one causing launcher's options not to be displayed under Windows XP.

Of course if you download the game now the full download archive is the bug-free version, this patch is only for people that downloaded the game before today !



At least a useful update !

After a long waiting, a new demo of Brainless is finally released ! Click here to download it (6.3mo), or here for a lighter version with no setup (5.7mo) !

It features many little news stuffs, bugs corrections, no new levels but redesign of the old ones !

Btw the big and major bug that caused your desktop stay in 320*200 after quitting the old demo, is definitively fixed ! Sorry again to every of you who encoutered it !

Have Fun !



One month since the last updated !

I am really sorry, but the big project is still delayed : JoN got some problems (moving to another provider...) and haven't been able to work on the project this month. But now he resumed his works, so the project goes well, but you'll still have to wait, sorry !

About Brainless i am working ont he game again and again ;). For now, i can say that i revamped most of the death anims, which means the game features about 2 times more blood than in the last demo. Conversion to MMF engine is now almost complete, and was ok .

By the way I also added a new record to the Car Bonus record page.

Well, when the "Big Project" gonna be (at least) released, i'll post a news here ! ;).


Another update !

The big projetc is delayed due to JoN's vacations.

I also added a new record to the Car Bonus record page. Mounets beat the car in 2 seconds !!!!!!!! That is the record with an overpowered char !
Congatulations Mounets !

Well, when the "Big Project" gonna be released, i'll post a news here ! ;).


A mini update to say that i've just uploaded a zipped version of Brainless because some people weren't able to extract the older version. THIS IS NOT A NEW DEMO ! Please click here to download it (4.3mo).


05/09/2002 + 05/11/2002

After waiting for years, the new Brainless demo is here !
Don't waste time reading this, just download it by clicking on this !
After this small poem, i think i can add that this new demo features : sounds, musik, bugs corrections, 2 mode of difficulty, the hotel level has lost 10 floors (the half of the level) coz it was too long, bonus, new cinematics...
Well just Download it (3.4mo) now.

Important ! Asmall message to ask to people which have my email (PioupiouD@libertysurf.fr) to remove it from their "adress book"(i am not sure it is the exact name, i mean the list of mail adresses that program such as Outlook has). Why ? Because i am receiving about 6 virusses a day, and it fills my mailbox so fast, i don't receive many mails from people that wrote a real mail to me, beacause my mailbox is full. This is the best solution i think, because even Norton Antivirus can't detect all virusses (these virusses use the adress book to auto-send themselves to all your friends). Moreover, remember to update your antivirus !
Thanks in advance for understanding and cooperating (use a sheet of paper instead to write mail adresses, it's safer !).

I remenber you can help me by clicking here, it'll take you only one second, and that will help me a lot !(Scores are rested every month, so you vou voted last month, please revote now). Thanks !
Merci de m'encourager en votant pour mon jeu au Top-Game!


Brainless is going well, except the new demo, featuring loads of good things, such sound, or bug fixes and gameplay additions !

I remenber you can help me by clicking here, it'll take you only one second, and that will help me a lot !(Scores are rested every month, so you vou voted last month, please revote now). Thanks !
Merci de m'encourager en votant pour mon jeu au Top-Game!


Hello ! Small update today. i added two records in the Car Bonus section. Congratulation to our new recordman, David Gerard.

I also fixed some broken links here and there, thanks to those who reported them !

For now i am working on the next Brainless version, which should be released soon. Please click here to vote for Brainless on the great Topgame site :
Merci de m'encourager en votant pour mon jeu au Top-Game!


Yes ! It finally happens ! Here is Brainless Beta ! Don't waste time reading this, go dl it now !

Enjoy and mail me for comments !

See ya !


Wow ! About two months without update. Sorry but i was very very busy.

So I corrected so wrong links, and i reupload all Picco files. Yes I forgot to reupload them on this server.

Also, and this is a big news, Brainless beta will be released next weekend. You'll see an entire brainless level, with load of ennemies and a big boss !

Stay tuned !


Just updated links. I you mailed me to add your site, and that your site haven't been added, please mail me again, coz it seems i lost some mails.

Merry Christmas !


I just completed reuploading files, apart OS, coz it was to big (27 mo!). Thanks to Oxyd Online who gave to this site "Site of the Month" title.

Merry Christmas !


Hi again ! As you may have noticed, the site was offline for a while. This is due to my **** host multimania who erased my site, and didn't let me reupload it again. So i moved to a nicer host, Free. I'll try to upload the files as fast as possible.

Well, there is a small update too, (i am sorry about the delay, but i am trying to complete a beta demo of brainless for Christmas's holidays) whith new records for Car bonus (11 records at once !) with our new champion, Hisoka.

Well that's all for now, See ya next update !


Hi ! Here is Brainless Alpha Version, the Metal-Slug like shooter i am working on now ! Enjoy it, even if this is only an alpha, that will show you the Engine and a few of the Graphics and global tone of the game.Warning, this game is really violent ! Visit la Clik-Expo !
Run "Brainlaunch" after you unzipped the archive.


Well i changed the font and resized it so the site will be easier to read (especially on great screens).

Please notice that i also made a Banner for this site, and that i added the Banner of my partner, JGGames.

See ya next update !


Yes ! The Online section is open ! For now you can play Speedstar, a space shooter, but sonn you'll see more games.

Enjoy !

At least ! Here is the so waited new design. I think that this better looking design will make me want to update it more often. You can see there is some new sections, and the old ones were changed. How to use this site is explained at the the top of this page, and you will notice there is more text within all the descriptions ;), and that this site is easier to use (If the javascript menu don't work, or if you can't see the whole menu, use the other menu which should work on all computers). There should be less typos. Well i think that's all for now, expect that i wish you a good trip to this site. Many thanks to Clikmaniak (especially Daniel) that let me use their javascript code, and for many advices on Html that really helped me. A small thanks to JGGames to who said me to do another site. I'll hope you will like the new design ;) (Mail me to give me your advice). Thanks again to all the visitors, and to all who likes my site !